Smarter notes
with GitHub Gists.

Own your own private data, store it with
Github's gists and access it from anywhere, anytime.

Every paragraph
full of super powers.

An interactive Markdown experience with image previews, links and autoformatters.

Get insight into every paragraph with addons like; write-good, previews and conversion.

Have all your note sheets in one place, in an easily searchable and accessable form.

Contribute to Memo,
it is open source.

Enjoy the crowdsourced UX capabilities of open source note taking app memo.

Team work makes
Memo work!

We are doing as much as we can to make Memo better than it is, and maintain its future open source community, making sure everyone using Memo is included.

burak tokak
Burak Tokak
Co-Maker / Developer
hannah milan
Hannah Milan
Co-Maker / Designer

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